Our board


Handball Australia operates with an executive board: President, 3 elected ordinary directors and directors from each state member association, along with a non-voting Secretary-general. The board also has a Treasurer position held by one of the directors.

To contact the board, please use: sec-gen@handballaustralia.org.au

The board

  • President: Johanna Roche (OCHF Treasurer)
  • Treasurer/NSW director: Scott Fearnside
  • Secretary-general: Bronwyn Thompson
  • Director: Paul Carr
  • Director: Susan Wilson-Gahan
  • Director: Ruth Cunningham
  • Director Daniel Babich (OCHF Beach Commissioner)
  • ACT Director: Freya Brent 
  • Queensland Director: Caleb Gahan
  • South Australian Director: Haylee Wilson
  • Victorian Director: Tess Fitzgerald
  • Western Australia Director: Matej Varhelick

Non-executive positions:

  • Membership registrar: Scott Fearnside
  • Transfers registrar: Helen Boyd
  • Coaching education: Vacant – contact Sec-Gen
  • Officiating education: Scott Fearnside

The sub-committees

Given the expansion of the sport in recent years, Handball has Committees to help with the operation. Interested and qualified members are welcome and invited to express interest in becoming involved.

The current subcommittees include:

  • Governance
  • Finance and audit
  • Development and grassroots
  • High performance
  • Communication, marketing, sponsorship and events

To enquire about participation in a subcommittee, contact info@handballaustralia.org.au and note your relevant experience or interest please.