Sydney Uni women take championship title

Sydbney Uni handball club Women lift championship title

On Sunday in Canberra, the Sydney Uni women’s team secured a 25-20 victory over UTS in the final, claiming the 2023 Australian Handball Club Championship. This remarkable achievement marked Sydney Uni’s second consecutive championship win, after their title win in last year’s event in Gold Coast. Once again, they showcased their dominance by cruising through the tournament undefeated.

UTS had a promising start to the match, but they could only hold back their more experienced counterparts for ten minutes. Three consecutive goals by pivot Hannah Mouncey, at the ten-minute mark, gave Sydney Uni a comfortable lead, which they maintained throughout the match.

Despite UTS’s commendable performance, Sydney Uni’s unyielding defense became the decisive factor in the game. Led by the standout performance of goalkeeper Karina Silva, Sydney Uni successfully thwarted UTS’s dangerous attacking duo of Chloe Wan and Erica Tranefalk. While Wan contributed five goals and Tranefalk added four, it wasn’t enough to sway the match in their favor. As a result of her exceptional performance throughout the tournament, Chloe Wan earned the title of tournament MVP, solidifying her position as one of the rising stars in Australian handball.

Sydney Uni’s Kimberly Horostecki was the top scorer for the match, leading her team with an impressive 8 goals.

Brisbane Handball Club secured the bronze medal following a comfortable 32:18 victory over Canberra Handball Club on Saturday.

Another standout player of the entire competition was Brisbane’s Sigrid Dobson. The teenager scored an astounding 31 goals in just four games, topping this year’s list of top scorers.

The 2023 Australian Handball Club Championship provided thrilling matches and showcased Australia’s top handball talents. Sydney Uni’s back-to-back victories establish them as a dominant force in Australian handball, while emerging talents like Chloe Wan and Sigrid Dobson promise an exciting future for the sport in Australia.