National beach titles wrap-up in Gold Coast

A player wearing a black singlet in mid-air about to throw a red ball in hand while another player wearing a blue singlet and sunglasses watches on. In the bacground, referee is seen with whistle in mouth

Last weekend, Gold Coast hosted the Australian Beach Handball Club Championships in the Women’s, Men’s and Mixed divisions.

This was the first national event in fifteen months, due to the pandemic and the various lockdown restrictions nationally and internationally. 

Queensland club the Galahs (QLD) won the Women’s title, clinching a penalty shoot-out 12:10 against NSW’s Botany Bay to win 2:1.

In the Men’s division, Sydney Uni Handball Club (NSW) defeated South Australia’s Panthers 2:0 in the final to win the championship.

The Mixed final was an all-Victorian affair with the Pirates defeating the Misfits 2:0.  

The event was a scaled-down two-day event (rather than the usual four) as regions across Australia are still dealing with different restriction strategies, and overseas clubs unable to attend. However, three courts were still running across the two days.

Players commented on enjoying the cooler, more stable weather in sunny Queensland’s autumn May, but most of all they were pleased to be back playing handball and reconnecting with the national handball community.    



1. Galahs (Queensland)
2. Botany Bay (NSW) 
3. Beach Melbas (Victoria)   

Highest scorer: Allira Hudson Gofers (Botany Bay)  
MVP: Heather Cooper (Galahs) 
Best Goalkeeper: Jemima Harbort (Galahs)     


  1. Sydney Uni (NSW) 
  2. SA Panthers (South Australia)  
  3. Buccaneers (Victoria)   

Highest scorer: Mateusz Matlach (Sydney Uni) 
MVP: Mateusz Matlach (Sydney Uni) 
Best Goalkeeper: Tim Schubinger: (Sydney Uni)    


1. Pirates (Victoria) 
2. Misfits (Victoria)  
3. BBUTS (NSW)  

Highest scorer: Lucan Macreadie (Pirates) 
MVP: Lucan Macreadie (Pirates) 
Best Goalkeeper: Franca Levin Olivera (Misfits) and Nick Bossinakis (Pirates) 

Photos: Bronwyn Thompson

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Vale Sasha Dimitrić

I was 15 when I first met Sasha, in 1987. A Kuwaiti friend found a handball team based in Kensington, and we wanted to meet with them with a view to joining their team. “Stand up straight with your shoulders back or they won’t pick us,” was my friend’s advice to me before we went. What he should have said was: ‘bring your gear’!