Australia lose to Saudi Arabia in preliminary round

Caleb Gahan mid air eyeing a pass to pivot as two Saudi defenders attempt to block

Australia – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia | 15 – 37 (8 – 19).

Australia went down 37 – 15 (8 – 19) to Saudi Arabia, today at the Shaikh Saad Al-Abdullah Sports Hall Complex in Kuwait, in their second game of the 2020 Asian Championship.

Australia struggled to break through the physical and offensive Saudi defence and relied on long-range shots to get goals. Caleb Gahan shot impressively from distance, scoring 7 goals from 8 shots.

In defence, goalkeeper Alex Lynch performed well with a 52% save rate that included 3 from 5 penalties faced.

Half time saw Australia trailing with 8 – 19.

Despite the physical game, Australia kept fighting to string together some good handball.

The final 15 minutes saw Australia took out the goalkeeper during the attack phase to make use -f the 7 on 6 system however, the Saudis took advantage of some errors to score 2 against an empty goal.

Australian goalscorers included Gahan (7), Warrener (3), Prokic (2), Szklarski (1), Traverso (1), and Anderson (1).

Photos: Jun Tanlayco