Australia start Asian Championship campaign against Korea

Team australia

Australia – South Korea | 20 – 40 (7 – 24)

After a five-day training camp in Dubai the Australian men’s team stepped onto the court for their first game of the 19th Asian Men’s Handball Championship in Kuwait.

Coming up against Korea, they knew the game would be quick. From the start, Korea played an offensive 3-3 defence, putting pressure on Australian shooters Caleb Gahan and Tim Anderson.

Korea’s first attempt at goal was blocked by Caleb Gahan with Karl Warrener following through to score a fast break putting Australia’s first goal on the board to take a short-held 1-0 lead.

The Aussies kept within reach for the first 10 minutes but unfortunately, Korea’s pace and composure was tough to match. The first half saw goals from Warrener (2), Anderson (2), Varhalik (2), and Prokic (1) with a score of 7-24 to South Korea.

Australia came back onto the court in the second half with more pace and determination to make use of gaps in the Korean defence.

Goalkeeper Avery Edmunds held out a number of strong attempts from Korean attacks, including an impressive triple save.

Australian goalkeeper Avery Edmunds bocks a shot during Australia’s game against Korea today in Kuwait CIty

Szklarski and Gahan added to the Aussie goal count in the second half to bring the final score to 20-40.

Photos: Jun Tanlayco