Australia face Cuba in first round of President’s Cup

Australia player shoots at goal

After a tough preliminary round, where Australia faced five former World Champions, in Group B, the President’s Cup round started with Australia playing Cuba in a morning game in Kumumato, Japan today.

Jess Fallah opened the scoring for Australia, Cuba replied and Sally Potocki followed up. Cuba then began to score in twos and clusters. It quickly became 9:4 and then Australia answered goal for goal until 14:9. Cuba started to widen the gap further. Australia was responding though Cuba continued scoring in pairs. Going into the half time it was 25:16.

Cuba kept up the pace in the second half. Frustrating for Australia, top scorer Sally Potocli received a red card at 37 minutes. Cuba capitalised and then received their own around ten minutes later. A string of seven unanswered goals kept the gap growing and the end score was 45:25.  

Positives for Australia was the breath of the scoring across the mix of experienced and new players, showing growth for the future. Junior goal keeper Amy Thomas has a short spell on courts and stopped 3 from 3. The work ethic of the team right until the end is obvious.

Scorers were Sally Potocki 10, Jess Fallah 4, Heather Cooper 4, Anna Meded 3, and Emma Guignard, Madeleine McAfee, Rosa Boyd and  Jessie Wood 1 each.