Australian Junior teams take Silver at the 2014 Oceania IHF Trophy

Australian player shoots as defender tries to block him

Both the Australia U19 Women and U20 Men placed second at the 2014 Oceania IHF Trophy held in Wellington New Zealand between December 8-13.

The Women progressed through the rounds and semi-finals undefeated, meeting New Zealand in the finals. Both teams played heavy defence with the Australians unable to break through and down 1:6 at half time. The Aussie girls had their chances and at 15 minutes before the end started their best period of play to close the gap to 2, but ultimately finishing up 11:7.

The Men’s first game of the Trophy was up against Tahiti, their only defeat of the tournament in the pool rounds, who they again met in the finals. Taking an early lead Tahiti controlled the pace of the final. Australia came within a goal with 10 minutes remaining but in the end the score was 20:17 to Tahiti.

The Trophy is a developmental event funded by the IHF. Teams from nine nations participated, including American Samoa, Australia, Cook Islands, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea • Samoa• Solomon Islands • Tahiti• VanuatuNew Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tahiti and Vanuatu. • Papua New Guinea • Samoa• Solomon Islands • Tahiti• Vanuatu

Coaching and Refereeing courses ran alongside the competition. Our coaches participated in the course run by IHF lecturer Frantisek Taborsky. Our nominated Australian Referee pair Robert and Richard Ridley participated in the Refereeing by Roger Xhonneux. They performed well during the week and were awarded the Men’s final.

The Australian Contingent at the event were:

Australia U19 Women

  • Amy Beths (QLD)
  • Caitlin Baker (ACT)
  • Freya Brent (ACT)
  • Jessica Cleary (NSW)
  • Heather Cooper (QLD)
  • Stephanie Fallah (NSW)
  • Alexis Gardner (QLD)
  • Rebecca Howard (NSW)
  • Jo Katz (ACT)
  • Tori Ketter (QLD)
  • Lucy Niccol (NSW)
  • Jessie Wood (NSW)
  • Kayla Zissler (ACT)
  • Kathy Phetrasi (NSW)
  • Coach: Adrian van Bussel
  • Assistant Coach: Callum Mouncey
  • Co-Manager: Kim Gardner
  • Co-Manager/Photographer: Bob Wood

Australia U20 Men

  • Alexander Lynch (QLD)
  • Alexander Carroll (QLD)
  • Avery Edmunds (QLD)
  • Christopher Duffy (QLD)
  • Daniel Fogerty (NSW)
  • Daniel Spann (QLD)
  • Hamish Langenberg (QLD)
  • Jasper Craven (QLD)
  • Karl Warrener (ACT)
  • Scott Marshall (QLD)
  • Scott Bethune (QLD)
  • Tomas Atchison (QLD)
  • Xavier Craven (QLD)
  • Zachary Wright (QLD)
  • Coach: Paul Langenberg
  • Assistant Coach: Thomas Zeilmeier
  • Manager: Friederike Graser

Support Staff

  • Medical support: Michael Fogerty, Sonya Fogerty
  • Tournament Referees: Richard Ridley, Robert Ridley
  • Delegation/Team Leader: John Calvert

Well done to the teams and our Aussie supporters. Thank you to our hosts New Zealand Handball Federation for putting on such a well-run event. Thanks to the teams form the nine nations also. It was great to play you all and see the activity in the region. Congratulations to the winning teams New Zealand and Tahiti.

Photos and progress reports can be found on the Handball Australian Facebook page.