NSW youth teams claim national titles

Player looking towards goal in an attempt to shoot

NSW reclaims the Stephen Harbort Trophy from Queensland after a successful performance at the Youth Championships held in Sydney over the weekend.

The Cup is awarded to the State that performs best overall at both the Junior (U18/U21) and Youth (U14/16) Championships. Showing exciting promise in our young ranks, NSW had some tough competition but managed to win the overall four Youth categories to reclaim the Trophy which Queensland has held since 2013.

The series was a best of three matches across the age groups

Round 1 (Saturday November 8 AM)

  • U14 Girls NSW v QLD 14:13
  • U14 Boys NSW v QLD 23:16
  • U16 Girls NSW v QLD 16:9
  • U16 Boys NSW v QLD 24:20

Round 2 (Saturday November 8 PM)

  • U14 Girls QLD v NSW 11:11
  • U14 Boys QLD v NSW 27:21
  • U16 Girls QLD v NSW 11:23
  • U16 Boys QLD v NSW 18:40

Round 3 (Sunday Nov 9)

  • U14 Girls NSW v QLD 9:6
  • U14 Boys NSW v QLD 21:17
  • U16 Girls NSW v QLD 19:10
  • U16 Boys NSW v QLD 32:28

The individual awards were spread across the two States and there was plenty of fine talent to choose from.

  • Highest Goal scorer: Hamish Langenberg (QLD) with 35 goals
  • Best Goalkeeper: Liam Skeggs (NSW)
  • Sportsmanship award: Alexander Hegner (QLD)

Four HA Presidents presented the awards. Current President Alex Gavrilovic who announced the new junior development initiative to kick off next year, immediate past-acting President Scott Fearnside who hosted on behalf of NSW, Handball Australia founder Sasha Dimitric and, we welcomed back to handball, Nir Peled who came to watch his son play for NSW.

Thanks to all who participated and supported, especially NSWHA an Queensland Handball for organising and managing the event.

We look forward to seeing you all develop further and staying with us!