2014 Australian Junior Championship results

A junior player shoots goal

The final results from the Australian Junior Championships on the weekend are:

Under 18 Men (Best of 3 – Winners Qld)
Game 1: Qld 21: NSW 13
Game 2: Qld 20: NSW 20
Game 3: Qld 23: NSW 12

Under 21 Women (Final – Winners NSW)
NSW 17: ACT 14
NSW 16: Qld 12
Qld 17: ACT 11
Final: NSW 23: Qld 14

Under 21 Men (Final – Winners NSW)
ACT 29: NSW 21
NSW 32: Qld 29
ACT 20 Qld 13
Final: NSW 28: ACT 26

The weekend had many really close games – so it was very exciting for the spectators and nail biting for the teams and management. Well done all the teams from NSW, ACT and Qld – it was very exciting to have such strong competition from ACT back joining us again! Thanks to Valentine Park/NSW Football and NSWHA for hosting. Best wishes to everyone for safe travel and speedy recovery to those who were injured or pull up sore today.

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