Australian junior teams return from IHF Challenge Trophy

Australian junior Karl Warrener in the air throwing at goal against defenders

The Australian junior men’s and women’s teams were the Oceania representatives for the 2013 Continental Challenge Trophy, an IHF development competition. Monterey, Mexico hosted the event after the initial hosts withdrew and the event was held in the last week of November, with only a few weeks’ notice. The Australian teams had some exciting matches and gained great competition experience.

The games were as follows:


  • D.R. Congo v Australia 23:12 (13:8)
  • Bulgaria v Australia 37:21 (16:9)
  • Thailand v Australia 28:26 (18:6)
  • Canada v Australia 28:17 (14:8)


  • Moldavia v Australia 37:17 (16:7)
  • Uzbekistan v Australia 32:14 (17:8)
  • Mexico v Australia 30:14 (13:6)
  • Nigeria v Australia 32:21 (12:14)

The teams:

Girls: Brianna Keyes, Olivia Mowat, Jessie Wood, Nicole Loveridge, Laura McInnes, Lucy Niccol, Jo Katz, Sally Cash, Madeleine McAfee, Ana Medjed, Kayla Zissler, Alice Keighley, Heather Cooper, Milli Loiftus

Management: Jason Hoppner (traveling Coach) and Paul Langenberg (travelling Assistant Coach).Manager Anthony Keyes, Assistant Manager Kerrie Keyes, Physio Renata Rusmir. Coach Lilly Bentwitch and Assistant Coach Malico Ikeda were unable to travel but led the team throughout the campaign preparation.

Boys: Dominic Tsang, Harjodh Singh, Luis Frey, Benjamin Fogerty, Kristofer Karlsson, David Loveridge, James Ridley, Alexander Carroll, Matthew Borland, Harry Watson, Luke Behrendorff, Karl Warrener, Scott Marshall, Almir Pandzo

Management: Jason Hoppner (Coach), Richard Ridley (Assistant Coach), Violi Calvert (Manager and AHF representative). Physio Renata Rusmir. David Benjamin was unable to travel but managed the team throughout the campaign preparation.

The Australian’s friendly attitude was commented upon by the volunteers and organisers. Thanks to all who supported the teams.

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The 2014 Oceania qualification event for the 2015 tournament will be held 8-13 December 2014 in Wellington New Zealand, along with the OCHF (Oceania Handball) Congress. The Aussie teams will be seeking to defend their spot and further improve their international standings in 2015.