Handball Australia Anti-Doping Policy

The AHF Anti-Doping Policy was adopted by the AHF board on February 8 after some minor revisions. Subject to these revisions the document was approved by the ASC for effect as of 1 January 2009. The AHF Anti-doping policy is WADA compliant and will follow the code which all sports now follow. The AHF is also governed by the IHF (International Handball Federation) Anti-Doping Regulations based on WADA’s Code.

The AHF documentation has been prepared for you in order to understand the new AHF Anti-doping policy, and explains what is required from you as an athlete & member of AHF. Please read and understand all documents. Remember it is your responsibility to abide by the rules of the AHF Anti-Doping Policy. Your AHF Anti-Doping Officer will assist where possible and answer your queries and questions, but will not do the work for you. Due to a resignation, we are currently looking to appoint an Officer. In the interim if you have any questions please contact your team manager:

Access the document via [the Policies download section, under About us]


The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) is the government statutory authority responsible for implementing the World Anti-Doping Code in Australia. The Code and the Prohibited List are developed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

For information on anti-doping:

AOC Alcohol Statement

Handball Australia supports and adopts the “Australian Olympic Committee’s commitment to creating an environment which supports high performance and ensures that the highest standards of conduct are maintained by all Team members (athletes and officials)" - Australian Olympic Committee Position Statement. (See downloads)

The Position statement can be downloaded from the Corporate documents page.